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Be part of a group, watching the sessions and doing HW and projects at the same pace. Weekly interactive sessions using sophisticated virtual classroom technology creates an engaging and interactive experience.

Course Curriculum

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Programming Fundamentals








Mobile Apps


Cloud Computing using Microsoft Azure


Software Development Lifecycle

Workforce Readiness

Gain real-world competency in understanding business needs and user requirements. Find and fix errors so things work correctly. Learn to take feedback just like you would as part of an Agile DevOps team. Build tech skills into your resume step-by-step and create an online project portfolio to showcase your capabilities.

Interactive and paced learning experience

Join a group of students on an interactive video conference each Sunday from 10:00-12:30 where instructor and students see each other and work together.

Each session will begin with a review and hands-on coding, practice, or fun competition. This will be followed by students watching a session solo while having an instructor available for guidance and questions. Students will then be responsible to watch and do the work of an additional session throughout the week, to be reviewed at the next interactive session.

Tentative course start date is 9/4/2022.

1-On-1 Mentoring

Receive all the support you need to succeed

Every homework assignment is manually checked by a trained mentor who has already graduated from the course. You also receive live one-on-one instructor coaching.

Career Launch

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There are unlimited opportunities for smart, hardworking people to create the career they want in software development. Proving yourself by graduating our program makes you immediately hirable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Software developers are the people who design, develop (program), and maintain software systems. That includes desktop apps like Microsoft Word, websites like Amazon, mobile apps, games, hardware, and much more! Watch our popular video to find out more.

If you are good at problem-solving and analytical reasoning (like math), software development is a great choice for you! Creative thinking and organization are also great skills to have.

Live sessions will be 2 and a half hours with another hour for homework. Sessions watched solo followed by homework average around 3 hours each. You can expect to spend a total of about 10 hours per week divided by class, videos, and homework.

You set your own pace. On average, you’d be done in 10-12 months.

That’s what we’re here for! Our trained mentors, all graduates of CPU, are experts in the course material and are available to help students with any questions.

CPU Code School keeps track of each student’s progress throughout the course, including grades on assignments and skill segments. Every session of instruction is followed by a homework assignment, which is submitted and marked. Students can only proceed after successful completion of an assignment.

There is no degree upon completion of the course.

There are boundless opportunities for our graduates. In order to be a successful software developer, you need quality training along with brains, determination, and hard work. At CPU, we are committed to your success. When you complete our course, you will have an impressive portfolio and resume building, as well as access to our extensive employer network.

Job placement is a priority at CPU Code School. We have a staff member working exclusively on job placement. CPU is constantly building connections and growing our extensive employer network.

A full-time entry-level position has an annual salary of approximately $50,000.

Entry-level positions include Front-End, Back-End, and Full-Stack Developer, or QA (Quality Assurance) Engineer. You may also see titles like Software Engineer, Web Developer, or Programmer.

Usually, beyond entry-level, positions and salaries increase for years of experience: 1-2 years, 3-5 years, 5-10 years, and 10+ years. However, as you gain experience as a software developer, your real value is in your quality work, commitment, teamwork, and ability to learn new skills. So how quickly you advance will depend both on your experience and value as an employee.

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