What We Do

We give people with zero coding experience a path to technology competence and workplace readiness in less than a year. Our students receive real-world training and support for job placement from a network of employers who want to hire more of our graduates.

Why Choose CPU Code School?

Our courses are developed and led by a consulting expert with 20+ years of experience building full stack software systems that run organizations. Our course conforms to your schedule with prerecorded video classes, all homework is hand marked by our mentoring staff and we provide strong support for successful completion.

At every step of training, we focus on building proven competencies and skills that make you hirable by our highly engaged employer network. Our graduates are workforce ready at the fraction of the cost & time spent on a college degree, accelerating their path to employment in the technology field without burdensome student loans.


Today, anyone with the intelligence and determination to learn can build a career in software development

We are committed to providing affordable, practical, accessible skills training that helps students go from a blank slate to being equipped to land their first job in technology and having the foundation to propel them to excellence throughout their careers.

Our Values

A passion for student success drives everything we do.

Be Committed

We are committed to our students. This shows in the hours put into developing/upgrading our courses, personally marking every homework assignment, and building a network of employers who are open to hiring our graduates. If our students are committed to succeed, we're committed to get them there.

Do the Smart Thing

We focus our coursework on what students really need to learn so they don’t waste time and money on things that don’t deliver value for their career goals. We are always learning ourselves to continuously improve our courses and stay flexible in the changing world of tech.

Provide Value

There is no substitute for value. Our course provides value by focusing on real-world skills, best practices, and resume and connection building. We train our students to provide value to employers with big-picture vision and Devops experience.

Meet the founder

Michael Gellis

Hi, I’m Michael Gellis. As a technologist, I’ve spent 20+ years building complete software systems for businesses of all sizes and across many industries. I currently run my own development firm and hire many of my CPU graduates to work on my team.

I have co-authored two books on software development (MCSD Test Success: Visual Basic 6 Distributed Applications, Visual Basic Developer’s Guide to Uml and Design Patterns) and was a featured speaker at Microsoft Tech-Ed conference.

I’m not content with just teaching students to code. I and my team are laser-focused on crafting software developers who can grow and thrive in the real world. Our priority is launching students into tech careers.

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